Friday, September 27, 2013

This Assembly is Boring

*First things first, sorry for the delay in posting. 

You know what's funny? Realizing how boring assemblies are for teachers. HOLY CRAP! Especially assemblies at 2pm on Friday... an hour before the school day ends... bad idea much?

Anyways I just listened to the deputy director yell at all the students for cell phone usage, and then as he steps off stage makes a phone call... oops!

(To be fair I'm sitting here blogging... My excuse is that the announcement was made in Tajik)

I've had to take a stricter approach with my students this last week. They kind of never like to pay attention. So I instituted new rules, taught them about baseball (three strikes and you're out!) and it's going a little better.
Work culture is also super different here. Maybe I was a bit spoiled working for a family business for so long, but the relationship that coworkers have here is very different. That's going to take some getting used to.

The good news is that I don't think my students hate me (yet). We'll see how my baseball rules go over the next few weeks though, lol.

Tomorrow I'm laying my first trail for the Hash, so I'm really excited/nervous for that. Speaking of the hash, here's an awesome pic from last weeks trail:

The iPhone really doesn't capture the depth of the mountains very well, or of the valley, but it really was quite an awesome sight.

Also this assembly just turned into poetry reciting competition. Awesome.

So unfortunately this weekend is my friend Anna's last weekend. Kind of bummer. But that means it'll be a fun weekend!

I think I'll stop rambling now... Go Bears and Go Hawks! 

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