Thursday, June 27, 2013

Celebrating National Unity Day and DOMA's Death

Well today we did not have class because it is National Unity Day here in Tajikistan. Accordingly, last night a number of decided to head out and celebrate this momentous day in Tajikistan.

Our celebration became a lot more exciting when we heard that DOMA was struck down and a number of CLSers went out to celebrate. Simsim (the local Tajik beer) isn't actually that bad- and it's only 5 somoni a beer! It ended up being a pretty fun, low-key night.

On Saturday the US Embassy is having a picnic-like fourth-of-July celebration for Americans, though its a bit early. There is also a contingent of students going up north for an overnight hike/stay in Iskander. I'm considering going but I'm not sure how intense the hiking is :).

On an unrelated note, I'm volunteering at MBO Professional (the place I'll be working come September) and teaching for one and a half hours on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays. I have two classes, a pre-intermediate and intermediate level. My first day was Wednesday, and while I was nervous I felt like it went really well. I'm excited to do it more (and especially when I start for real in the fall!)

P.S. I'm starting to get links and people's permission to share their blogs with you. Today I added my friend Eric's blog "Persian Immersion". You can check out his blog by following the link on the right side of the page.

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