Monday, February 10, 2014

No water, no problem

Believe it or not, there are benefits to having no water and not being able to shower.

1) Perfection of the "fix your hair with your spit" method. Sorry ladies, you're SOL on this one. 

2) If you smell bad, don't worry too much. Everyone else is going through the same thing in the city, and it's an unspoken acceptance. Sitting in a marshrutka and you can visibly see people's discomfort from your bodily odor? They just nod; they know what's up.
3) The "college" shower. While perhaps not as *ahem* hygienic as it's much more common counterpart, the college shower does give one an opportunity to smell like a baby's butt (and who doesn't like that smell?!). For those of you unsure, a college shower involves taking a handful of baby wipes and using them to pat down your body. Pay extra attention to the goods!

4) Becoming more water-conservative. I can confidently say that I am now capable of brushing my teeth WITHOUT water. You're welcome planet Earth!

5) Sleeping in later. Duh. If I can't shower I can wait until the ---last--- possible time to wake up and make it to work. This is undoubtedly a win for everyone (except my fellow commuters in my 67 marshrutka, but again number 2).

6) Becoming more comfortable with your friends. Tasi recently came up with a term that we will now employ as a group of friends; the Dush-a-palooza*. The name is so multifaceted, I really can't contain my excitement. So anyways we all shower at someone's house who has working water, and it's just a great bonding experience all around.

*Disclaimer: think of Dush here as shower, because that's how it's said in a lot of other languages.

7) Saving on your water bill? Yeah! Oh wait I don't pay that...

There are certainly a number of disadvantages, number one of course being forced to number two (that was confusing) at work. But, alas. The benefits! 

P.S. New blog about life in Dushanbe has been added to the side bar and I recommend reading it! 

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