Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Snickers Shortage


It all started last week when I went to get a Snickers. As many of my Dushanbe friends already know, Snickers is part of my insanely healthy diet in Tajikistan. Often times, it provides me my only nutrition for the day (forgetting to eat happens to me more than you'd believe...). Well imagine my surprise when I went to my local store and they had no Snickers. This place usually has a full wall of the stuff-- now; zero! What the heck?!

So then I go to another store maybe the next day and again; no Snickers. So I confront the store owner (it was a much smaller/family operated store) and he seemed to have mentioned something about one of the suppliers no longer bringing them in. Now, I wasn't so sure I understood so I just chalked it up as inconvenience... well that is until yesterday.

Yesterday I visited yet another store and found, to my dismay, a lack of Snickers. I again confronted the shop owner and she again confirmed the story. It seems that a local supplier has pulled out of Dushanbe/stopped carrying Snickers. All of the store owners seem to think a new supplier is coming, but I'm in a panic!

Apparently this supplier was also the *ONLY* guy who had Americans interest in mind, because he was also importing the large waters of water WITHOUT GAS. I AM BEING FORCED TO CONSUME WATER WITH GAS.

And for the record, man, that stuff is not water. It's got a weird flavor and it's so.... undrinkable. Good news is you can still cook pasta with it, but it's still like. Man. Snickers & water are definitely part of my food trifecta in Dushanbe (Indian food, of course, being the last part of that group).

I'll update you on the snickers/water situation as soon as I find out more.

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